What’s in the Box: 21-22 Donruss Basketball


Donruss Basketball is back! Friday, February 25, the flagship releases of the Donruss brand returns to the proverbial center stage of collectors and investors. With new faces from a fresh rookie class along with some familiar faces still worthy of the hype, 21-22 Donruss Basketball should be well-received by the community. So, what’s in the box? I’m glad you asked. 

What to Expect

Cards per pack: 30

Packs per box: 10

Boxes per case: 10

Base and Inserts

The base card set and inserts are pretty much par the course of what we’ve seen in years past. However, Donruss continues to focus on providing variety for the fanbase with 60 inserts and parallels in every box.

Some of those inserts feature a number of hobby exclusives including Craftsmen, Duos, Production Line, Retro Series, and Crunch Time!, and Net Marvels.

Rated Rookie

One of the undoubted highlights in Donruss Basketball are the Rated Rookie cards. This 2021-2022 rookie class – with names like Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley and Scottie Barnes – is quietly one of my favorites, and could potentially have more highly valued cards than last year’s class.

As for what’s in the box this year, we’ll see a number of renditions of the Rated Rookie with the base version as well as their signatures. Rated Rookie Signatures Holo Gold Laser and Holo Black Laser will both be exclusive to the hobby box.

Autos and Memorabilia

However there’s another opportunity to snag a rookie signature. Be sure to keep a lookout for the Next Day Autographs.

As for the memorabilia, look no further than the Jersey Kings and Rookie Jersey Kings inserts that both feature prime swatches.

2021-22 Donruss Basketball may not feature a lot of new parallels or inserts, but the consistency from the brand is something that should not be overlooked. If you choose to pass on this release, you may find yourself kicking your own tail because these will potentially be on other’s personal collection wishlists across the world.

So, as always, the Loupe app is your #1 stop to ripping Donruss Basketball. When you land a big hit like a rookie auto Evan Mobley, tag us so we can share in your unbridled joy with the rest of the community.

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