New Seller: OPC Baseball

The name might be a reference to vintage baseball cards that haven’t been around for a while, but they’re hardly stuck in the past. OPC Baseball is the newest seller to debut on Loupe!

Actually, the full name is OPC Baseball Sportscard Super Store, and that last part is very important. OPC comes stacked with product. Nearly anything you could want — at just about every price point — there’s a good chance that OPC has it in stock. This wall is just a fraction of their inventory, but it looks pretty glorious, nonetheless:

They’ve been doing this for more than 30 years for a reason. Find out why OPC Baseball has been so successful for so long. Their inaugural Loupe stream takes place today, Tuesday December 14 at 5pm ET. Make sure to swing through and make a dent in that big ol’ wall of theirs.

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