What’s in the Box: 2021 Panini Impeccable Football

We have another great week of product releases, and Panini has blessed us with one of the most anticipated drops of the year today. Impeccable Football has finally launched, and our sellers have it up for grabs in the Loupe app.

Impeccable Football is widely considered one of the premium releases of the year. With five guaranteed autographed cards, there’s room for a lot of monster hits, so let’s get into what will be in the box.

What To Expect

Cards per pack: 8

Packs per box: 1

Autographs: 5

What’s New

New to Impeccable this year are three new inserts: Firestarter Signatures, Silver USA Flags, and Extravagance Silver Autos.

The Firestarter Signature will feature rookies in the 2021 draft class with on-card autographs. You’ll definitely want to be on the look out for big names like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.

Justin Fields - Firestarter

However, the Silver USA Flags insert will be showing love to all of the NFL’s superstars with its fresh design, including real silver on the card.

Patrick Mahomes Silver USA Flags

Last but not least, the Extravagance Silver Autos will undoubtedly contain some big hits featuring both rookies and superstars alike. The new insert contains 6 parallels:

  • Extravagance Patch Autos /75
  • Extravagance Patch Autos Silver /35
  • Extravagance Patch Autos Gold /15
  • Extravagance Silver Autos /10 
  • Extravagance Patch Autos Emerald /5 
  • Extravagance Patch Autos Platinum 1/1

And staying true to the name, these include real silver bars in the cards.

Justin Herbert Extravagance Silver Autos

There’s More!

While the new inserts attempt to steal the show, there’s still more that this box has to offer.

If you are looking for the next big superstar, The Rookie Patch Autos and the Elegance Rookie Helmet and Patch Autos should be on your radar.

The Rookie Patch Autos feature on-card autographs and a piece of memorabilia.

Trevor Lawrence Rookie Patch Autos

The Elegance Rookie Helmet and Patch autos highlight the 2021 draft class in one of the most unique ways and will definitely be worth the hunt with multiple variations to look out for:

  • Elegance Rookie Helmet and Patch Autos /75
  • Elegance Rookie Helmet and Nameplate Autos /35
  • Elegance Rookie Helmet and Glove Autos /15
  • Elegance Rookie Helmet and Team Logo /10
  • Elegance Rookie Helmet and Football Autos /5
  • Elegance Rookie Helmet Dual NFL Logo Autos 1/1
Zach Wilson Rookie Helmet and Patch Auto

Last but not least, we have Indelible Ink, Canvas Creations, Masterstrokes, and Impeccable Logo Autographs making their return as well as the beloved staples in the box.

Ultimately, this release is going to be a great one. Every rip will be fun. Be sure to be on the lookout for Impeccable in the coming days, but they’ll probably go fast and fly off the shelves.

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