New Seller: The Coffee Breakers

Wake and break! Caffeine and cards! A quick rip to start your day!

Loupe’s newest seller has some serious star power behind its name. Dan Fleyshman, DJ Skee, and Steve Aoki founded Cards and Coffee in 2020 — a high-end LCS in Hollywood. Soon after, they expanded to Salt Lake City. Then they started breaking online and dubbed the livestreaming side of the business the appropriately-named Coffee Breakers.

They’re a relatively new company, but they’re also plenty experienced. The Coffee Breakers are already widely recognized as one of the biggest young guns in the hobby. They’ve put in the work to elevate their brand and to become a respected shop that collectors love to buy from.

Now they’re teaming up with Loupe to bring their high-energy streams straight to your phone. You know they’ll have a great selection of the newest products that everyone on Loupe loves to see. Make sure to follow their Instagram so you can check out some of their big hits. And definitely show them some Loupe Love during their debut stream today, Monday December 13. Decaf’s not an option.

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