Loupe Market Report — How to navigate the dip

We’re back for the second episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox (and here’s the first episode in case you missed it). In today’s video, we tackle the recent dip across sports card sales and how you should react to it. We also highlight a couple NBA players who are in the conversation for Rookie of the Year and MVP, Texas Rangers breakout Adolis Garcia’s recent surge, and two young soccer stars and how their Obsidian cards are moving in the weeks after launch.

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3 thoughts on “Loupe Market Report — How to navigate the dip

  1. As usual, Westbrook doesn’t even get mentioned. Talk about Cp3 not getting his due &propers,Westbrook just finished averaging a TRIPLE DOUBLE FOR HIS 4TH SEASON. WHILE SURPASSING BIG O FOR MOST ALL TIME. PICK IT APART ALL YOU CAN. THIS IS THE MOST HISTORIC AND IMPORTANT STORY OF THIS SEASON.
    The playoffs have not been Russ’ most glorious moments in years past. But this year he has BB and a surging and talented young team behind,or beside, or in front of him. And… After the Wiz take care of Boston-I am a huge admirer of Brad Stephena,by the way-the stage is set to see the first real head to head battle between Wbrook and KD. How did I get started on this tirade? SORRY

  2. Oh yeah, so is there any chance we will see card values anywhere near the level they should be now,let alone if we see him take wash.deep into the playoffs? I guess just getting a series would feel like the Marianas Trench to Wizards fans

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