The biggest hits of February

February’s a short month — some would say the shortest month — so that means we had to bring that hot hot heat as fast as possible. Our breakers didn’t disappoint.

It’s only our second time rounding up the biggest hits of the month, but I think we’ve already surpassed January’s lofty standard. But you’re not here for words. Let’s get into the sugary sweet recap.

Mike Trout patch auto /25

Here fishy, fishy, fishy. How’s this for a start? Mike Trout (maybe you’ve heard of him) patch autograph numbered to 25. Fresh pulled this for derffff out of Topps Five Star. That’s definitely one for the PC.

Bol Bol RPA out of National Treasures

I love so much about this card. I love the giant chunky patch. I love that Bol Bol just prints his name as his signature. And I love that the photo makes a point of emphasizing how preposterously tall he is.

Bonus Fun Fact: Did you know that Manute Bol wore 34×50 pants? If you saw those pants on an ironing board, you were think you were looking at them through a funhouse mirror.

Randy Johnson patch auto /5

Do nicknames get a whole lot better than “The Big Unit?” They don’t. Do Hall of Famer patch autos get a whole lot better than this Randy Johnson card out of 5 from Topps Sterling? They don’t. Here’s another one that’s a proud addition to anyone’s PC.

Cale Makar RPA out of The Cup

This entry physically pains me to write. I’m a huge Colorado Avalanche fan, yet I didn’t commit to a hit draft of The Cup. Zilla did and he walked away with this RPA of the NHL’s reigning rookie of the year. Scared money don’t make money.

Justin Herbert Gold Obsidian /10

Justin Herbert’s stock soared after a team doctor accidentally punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung. It exited the stratosphere after Herbert was named the NFL’s Rookie of the Year. Fresh found this gold parallel out of Obsidian for our friend Rusty. Yeah, it’s pretty dang nice.

Jordan Love RPA /25

One of our first packs of Donruss Optic Football turned out to be one of our best. During a lunchtime launch day stream, we ended up hitting this gorgeous Jordan Love RPA numbered to 25.

Three huge NBA rookie autos

For the last entry, I can’t decide which of these three cards I like most, so I’ll just show you all the fire. During one of Casa’s basketball mixers, they ended up with a De’Andre Hunter Rated Rookie auto, a Coby White Rookie Dominator Signatures, and a James Wiseman Hot Signatures Rookie. There’s a three-fer to end on, just to make sure you got your money’s worth from this roundup.

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