Welcome to Loupe!

We’re so thrilled you decided to download Loupe. If you’re reading this, there is a high probability you heard about us from a tech website or from a sports card podcast. Some of you might’ve just found us today out of sheer luck while browsing the app store.

Regardless of how you got here, you’re obviously interested in learning more about our wonderful sports card breaking community. Before you hop into streams and check out all the big hits — seriously, we’ve had some absolute monsters lately — please take just a minute or two to read this intro post. We want you to know what we’re all about.


It’s pronounced like “Loop.” A loupe is the small magnifying glass that a jeweler uses to inspect diamonds. Some collectors use them to inspect their stamps, coins, or sports cards collections. Think of us as your digital loupe for all things cards.

What is Loupe?

First and foremost, our mission is to make buying sports cards easy and fun. The app allows approved breakers to set up a live stream within minutes, giving them quick access to selling unopened packs and single cards. For buyers, we’ve streamlined the whole process of purchasing cards into just a few taps from start to finish. And, there’s nearly no stream latency, so chatting with the streamer happens instantaneously without any awkward delays.

Who is Loupe for?

Loupe is for anyone who has been frustrated by the current state of card breaks. Unlike other platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), Loupe combines all the tools into a single app. You don’t need to go to a company’s website, pay with PayPal, and remember what time to come back for the break.

It should be better than that. Loupe sends push notifications when breakers are live. Jump into their streams, buy cards, and then watch as they’re opened live within seconds. Everything you bought ships to your house the next day.

What’s next?

Things at Loupe took off like a rocket ship over the last couple months! We have a ton of new features in the works to make this the absolute best app for sports card breaks. We want to achieve our ultimate goal of being on every collector’s phone.

The biggest request we’ve repeatedly heard is support for Android, which we’ve absolutely prioritized and isn’t too far out. We’ll also support payment systems other than Apple Pay in the near future. Other features in the works are: team breaks, randomization, user profiles, and some tech-enabled collection tools that we can’t elaborate on quite yet. It’s exciting how fast we’re growing, though!

Anything else?

Congratulations, you’ve passed Loupe 101 with flying colors.

Now you should check out some streams to get a firsthand feel for Loupe. We have sellers live every single night (and often around lunchtime too). We’ll send you push notifications as a heads-up that people are streaming, so make sure to have those enabled. Kick back, chat with other collectors, and get in on the action.

We hope you enjoy your time on Loupe. If you have any questions or concerns, drop us a line at support@blog.loupetheapp.com. If you like what you see, give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter. And, if you’re looking for some advanced reading, here’s a detailed Loupe FAQ and a crash course on how box breaks work.

Once again, thank you for downloading Loupe. We’re putting a modern twist on box breaks, and we’re so happy that you’re along for the ride.

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