Loupe FAQ

What is Loupe?
Loupe is an app built for the needs of the modern sports card collector. Our main goal is an easy-to-use app for sellers and buyers that simplifies the entire process of buying cards.

What is a live break?
At the highest level, live box breaks are super easy to understand. It’s just someone opening up cards — by the pack, box, or case — on video. We cover more aspects of live box breaks in a previous blog post from the early days of Loupe.

What makes Loupe different from how I already buy into breaks?
Loupe is designed with all those tools built directly into the video. If you want to buy in, you don’t need to leave the video. Communicating with a breaker is instantaneous with virtually zero latency. Push notifications let you know which of the sellers on the Loupe roster is breaking right now. We also have ideas for more things to do while watching a break, but we’ll reveal those a little later.

How do I buy on Loupe?
Purchasing on Loupe is as easy as 1-2-3! Find the product you’re looking for in the Sale Items tab of your favorite seller’s stream, click the Apple Pay (iOS) or Google Pay (Android) icon on the right of the stream, and checkout ensuring you have the correct shipping info listed! Just like that you’re ready to watch your box/pack get opened LIVE and sent right to your door!

When will my cards be shipped?
Across the board, most purchases ship out within 2-3 business days. However, you can always ask the seller in chat when their next shipping day is, as many times they’re sent out even sooner!

Where can I find tracking info?
Go to your Profile tab in the bottom right corner, click on Order History, and click the orange truck to the right of the screen for the most up-to-date tracking info! Please note this truck will not appear right away, but will be available as soon as shipping details are updated.

Some sellers will also send you an email with tracking details as soon as your order ships!

I really like this seller. How do I know when they’ll be live again?

We want to make sure you always know when your favorite sellers are on. That’s why we’ve recently implemented a Follow feature on Loupe. When you’re watching one of their streams, click on the store name at the top of the screen. This will take you to their bio. From there, click the bell. Now you’ll receive a push notification every time that seller goes live. No more missing out.

Can I sell on Loupe?
You can apply to sell on Loupe here! Please bear with us as we receive numerous submissions a day and applications are reviewed in the order they’re sent.

Do you accept PayPal?
At the moment the only supported payment options are Apple Pay on iOS and Google Pay on Android. However, we will consider adding new payment methods in the future!

Okay that’s it, I’m sold. How can I download the Loupe app and join some breaks!?
Download Loupe on iOS/Android here!

Right now, Loupe is only available in the United States. We’re expending to Canada soon. Beyond that, we’ll announce other countries/regions when the time is right.

Thank you for your support!
The Loupe Team


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