Win some Loupe cash by finding the Finals MVP in 21-22 Prizm Basketball!

Steph Curry, as you may already know, is very good at basketball. The reigning Finals MVP has wracked up 4 titles, 2 league MVPs, 8 All-Star appearances, and is the most decorated three-point shooter of all-time. He’s a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame some day.

One of the biggest basketball products of 2022 drops today, and we figured it’d be the perfect time to pay homage to this living legend. From Friday, July 8 through Sunday, July 10, we’re putting a bounty on Steph Curry’s cards out of 21-22 Prizm Basketball.

Here are the details:

  • Base card — $20
  • Parallel — $50

It’s just that easy. Pull a Steph Curry card out of 21-22 Prizm on Loupe this weekend, and we’ll add Loupe credits to your account on Monday morning.

Honestly, this is just one more bonus reason to be hyped for Prizm. It’s going to be everywhere this weekend. Prizm is widely regarded as Panini’s flagship product, and the buzz around it certainly reflects that. Here are some of the Loupe sellers who will have Prizm on release day:

  • BaileyJoe Cards (Friday at 10am ET)
  • Hit Seekers (Friday at 10am ET)
  • Lab 20 Sports Cards (Friday at 10am ET)
  • Markman Breakers (Friday at 11:30am ET)
  • Casa Breaks (Friday at 12pm ET)
  • Game Time Cardz (Friday at 12pm ET)
  • Hot Corner Sports Cards (Friday at 12:30pm ET)
  • LMS Box Breaks (Friday at 2pm ET)
  • Turf and Dirt (Friday at 2pm ET)
  • Broward Breakers (Friday at 6pm ET)
  • Paradise Card Breaks (Friday at 6pm ET)
  • Courtside Pulls (Friday at 8pm ET)
  • Triple Crown Trading (Friday at 11pm ET)

Shoot your shot. Step up from way downtown and drill it. It’s what Steph would want.

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