What’s in the Box: 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1

Start your engines, Loupe family! With the rise of F1’s popularity over the last few years, you can expect that March 9 will be a big day for petrolheads.

This Wednesday, 2021 Topps Chrome F1 is here, and it’s loaded with hits for collectors with big names to grab like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

What to Expect

  • 8 cards per pack,
  • 18 packs per box,
  • 12 boxes per case


First, Topps Chrome F1 bolsters a robust 200-card base set featuring the best racers of the past year in 19 different parallels. Yet there is a new addition to the group with the Checker Flag parallel debut. With one in every box, you could land either one of the four variations:

  • Purple Checker Flag Parallel: #’d /199
  • Gold Checker Flag Parallel: #’d / 50
  • Orange Checker Flag Parallel: #’d / 25
  • Red Checker Flag Parallel: #’d / 5


But the Checker Flag isn’t the only new addition. With 12 inserts in every box, F1 enthusiasts get a quality variety of fresh designs, including the new Path to the PodiumRedliners, and Topps 1961 Sports Cards.

Naturally, Path to the Podium features some of the biggest names in the game that we always see in the hunt for first place. 

The Redliners insert shows love to those on the track, pushing themselves and their cars to the proverbial (and literal) limit.

Finally, Topps 1961 Sports Cars harkens back to a simpler time as we see the recreation of their classic design with current faces of the sport.  


Finally, we’ll see the Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing Autograph with seven different parallels.

  • Green Refractor – /99
  • Gold Refractor – /50
  • Gold Wave Refractor – /50
  • Orange Refractor – /25
  • Red Refractor – /5
  • SuperFractor – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1

While these may be the only signature inserts, these will still be worth the chase with names like Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and the 2021 Driver of the Year, Max Verstappen. I’m sure if you were successful enough in your hunt to land any of these names, you’d definitely be walking away as a winner.

Ultimately, this will be one of the biggest releases of the year thus far, so jump on the Loupe App and chase your hits with our trusted sellers. Also, share your wins with us by tagging us on Twitter and Instagram so we can celebrate with you.

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