Gear up for the biggest weekend in Loupe history

We’ve reached the pinnacle of the NFL season. The title for the best team in the NFL will be answered this year between the Cincinnati Bengals and the LA Rams. But before you settle in with your beer and wings, you’ll definitely want to jump on the Loupe App for the biggest weekend of events… probably ever! With numerous events from our trusted sellers you’ll have the opportunity to snag some slabs or win big prizes.

Saturday, February 12

OPC Baseball’s Xbox Giveaway (Sat. at 12pm ET, Sunday at 11am ET)
You don’t want to sleep in and miss what now feels like a tradition OPC as they are set to have another Xbox Series X Giveaway for everyone who participates in the stream! This time, they have two Xboxes up for grabs.

Loupe’s Panini Contenders Mega Mixer (Sat. at 2pm ET)
The Loupe retail store has a huge Trade Day on Saturday, and we’re showcasing the app with an incredible rip. Craig’s breaking Contenders 2017 through 2020, plus a 2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve, as we go Tom Brady hunting.

LMS Box Breaks’ Rookie Hunt 2020 (Sat. at 3:30pm ET) Don’t miss LMS as they chase the future legends of the gridiron in the class of 2020.
Heat Check Repacks  (Sat. at 6pm ET) Heat Check is pulling up on Loupe to start our Saturday night with valuable repacks!
Triple Crown’s Slabberday Night Live (Sat. at 8pm ET)
Triple Crown has another giant slab sale with a ton of graded cards. Get there early ‘cause these always go quick!

Sunday, February 13

OPC Baseball’s Xbox Giveaway Day 2 (Sun. at 11am ET)
This is the last chance to join OPC’s giveaway for a new Xbox Series X, so grab your bowl of cereal and jump on Loupe.
FreshPullZ Live For the Big Game (Sun. at 12pm ET) Freshpullz is gonna be live ALL. DAY. LONG. getting the community geared up for the Big Game.
Wicked Discounts QB Rookie Chase (Sun. at 3pm ET)
Wicked loaded up on rookie product of QBs who have won a ring. Anyone who hasn’t hoisted the Lombardi Trophy need not apply.
Kid Breaker’s Non-Football Party (Sun. at 3pm ET)
Kid Breaker is here for all of our non-football fans. Join him as he spends the afternoon focusing on all the other sports not named football.

Gem City’s Big Game Brewery Break (Sun. at 5:30pm ET) 
Gem City is collaborating with Saucy Brew Works in Cleveland to break on Loupe live from their brewery.

Coach Chris CO’s Big Game Show (Sun. at 5:30pm ET)
Looking to rip during the Big Game? Coach Chris CO will be live so we don’t have to stop Loupin’.

As you can see, this will be a weekend to remember and we can’t wait to see the hits you land. And as always, remember to share your wins with us on Instagram and Twitter so we can share it with the rest of the Loupe community!

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