New Seller: Paradise Breaks

Everyone has their own idea about paradise on earth. Some think it’s the beach on a picturesque island as waves gently crash into your feet. Others might imagine something out of The Sound of Music — rolling hills and looming mountains.

Our newest seller very well may have it figured out. As far as a collector’s concerned, it’s a stacked inventory of all the latest product.

That’s what Paradise Breaks brings to the figurative and literal table. Based out of Vegas, Paradise Mark has been ripping baseball, basketball, and football by the case. He’s usually on Facebook, but now he’s dipping his toes into the Loupe waters. Plus, everyone knows paradise is on Loupe anyway; now, we can definitively state “Paradise is on Loupe.”

Come get a taste of utopia when Paradise Breaks makes their Loupe debut right now! Once you find paradise, you won’t want to leave.

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