New Seller: LMS Box Breaks

Fair, honest, trustworthy, and respectful — these are the four pillars that guide our newest seller’s business. That sounds like everything you’d want from someone in the hobby, right?

We’re proud to welcome LMS Box Breaks to the Loupe family! This Orlando-area duo is made up of Kevin and Giovanni. They’re up-and-comers in the hobby. In the year since they’ve founded LMS, they’ve made huge strides to become a respected breaker.

Our usual basketball- and football-loving crowds will take to LMS as they always have plenty of the big two in stock. However, they also lean a little more niche, as they’ve gotten into F1 and UFC lately. We know how passionate those two audiences are, so it’s always great seeing more of that inventory ready to get ripped.

Find out firsthand what LMS Box Breaks is all about when they go live on Loupe for the first time tonight, December 15, at 9:30pm ET. Give them a follow on Instagram too, so you never miss any of the monster hits they pull. They’re a great addition to the hobby, which means they’re going to be a great addition to Loupe.

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