It’s Charity Week on Loupe!

Over the past year, Loupe has turned into a substantially large platform with a ton of users and a bunch of card collecting’s most trusted sellers. We spend 52 weeks a year having fun and enjoying the hobby. But, we also realize that it’s our responsibility to give back where we can.

That’s why we’re introducing the inaugural Loupe Charity Week. We’ve partnered with a couple of fantastic non-profit organizations that mean a lot to the communities we’re a part of. Throughout the week, we’re raising money for Violence Free Minnesota and the Miami Marlins Foundation.

At the Beckett Industry Summit earlier this year, Crackin’ Wax was presented with the Loupe Breakthrough Award in recognition of his year-round charitable efforts. As part of that, Loupe is donating $5,000 in Crackin’s name to Violence Free Minnesota.

Feel compelled to help the cause? You can get involved in two ways. The first is the easiest — just do what you already do. From Tuesday through Thursday, we’re donating proceeds from every single sale on Loupe to the two charities mentioned above. All items on Loupe will send money toward these two organizations.

The second is a little more special. On Thursday, December 9, we’re hosting a charity auction at 6pm ET. We’ve gotten a flood of autographed memorabilia and other products that we’re auctioning off to the highest bidders on the official Loupe channel. This will be a night to remember.

There’s a lot to love about this hobby. It’s full of wonderful, caring, and giving people. Together, we can change lives on Loupe.

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