New Loupe Seller: CardCollector2

There’s a good chance you already know the name. One of the hobby’s most prolific and positive dudes is joining the Loupe family. We’re thrilled to welcome CardCollector2 to Loupe!

CardCollector2, who also goes by Ryan, has made a name for himself as one of the best sports card content creators. He has a boomin’ YouTube channel where he uploads daily vlogs and interesting looks at the hobby. Go show some love and drop him a sub. He also co-hosts a popular podcast called CardTalk on the One37pm network. You might also recognize him from the annual Trade Night at the National which he organizes in collaboration with Kentucky Roadshow.

The whole business isn’t just content. CardCollector2 also runs a successful shop out of Grove City, Ohio (in the Columbus area) with 13 employees. Swing by if you want to hang out at a modern store with lots of good vibes.

As for the breakers you’ll see on Loupe, CardCollector2 himself plans to stream at least once a week. Other times, it’ll be Dustin who’s usually running the shop. It’s a big team at CardCollector2, and that means you’ll probably get familiar with a handful of voices (and a handful of hands).

They say variety is the spice of life, and CardCollector2’s inventory will reflect that. They’ll have card products and other memorabilia across all major sports. Their specialties are basketball and football, though. If you want something, they’ll probably have it.

Let’s make sure to give CardCollector2 a warm Loupe welcome in the comments below. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter too. And clear some room in your schedule to check out his massive slab sale debut stream, Monday October 25 at 7pm ET. It’s gonna be a banger for the ages.

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