[Update] We’re gonna Catch ’em All in Loupe’s biggest box break of all-time!

[Update: We’re in the final stretch for the 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition auctions on Goldin. Bidding ends tonight, Sunday October 24 at 10:30pm ET. If you want a spot in this legendary break, make sure to get your bids in!]

For the past year, you’ve known Loupe as a sports card app. We’re staying true to that mission, but we’re also expanding a bit. We want to broaden our horizons for people in the trading card game (TCG) scene. We’re not dipping our toes in the water; we’re diving in headfirst.

We bought a holy grail box of Pokémon cards. That’s right, 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition. It’s the box of Pokémon. When you hear about a Pokémon card going for big money — say a holo shadowless Charizard — it comes from this set.

And, of course we’re breaking it on Loupe. We’ve teamed up with Goldin Auctions to sell 30 of the 36 packs in the box. Head over to the auction lot page to join this monumental break.

A cool perk is that we’ve arranged for every card to be sent to PSA for grading. It’s baked into the cost of the packs. So no matter what you pull, you know it’ll be professionally slabbed and graded, which will only add to the value to the cards.

We’ve set aside six of the packs specifically for the Loupe community. All 36 will be opened together when we break the seal on this incredible box, but we want to make sure you have the opportunity to buy in. Of the 36 total buyers, all packs will be randomly assigned on-screen at the event. If you’re interested, email us at pokemon@loupetheapp.com and we’ll give you a special price.

If this is out of your price range, we’ve got some of the best TCG breakers in the game joining Loupe in the near future. We’re talking Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, etc. Stay tuned for more details on that front.

It all goes down Saturday, November 6. We’re throwing a party on Loupe as we livestream the box break from our headquarters in Miami. We’ll have some special guests around as we break into the most expensive box in the history of Loupe. This is going to be nothing short of incredible.

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