You’re not always just chasing RPAs

What’s better than pulling a rookie patch auto of one of the league’s best up-and-comers? That’s the feeling of exhilaration that we’re constantly chasing as collectors. That’s not always the best outcome, though.

In this week’s episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox, we take a look at Panini Spectra and Black. They’re two products that are definitely hot on Loupe right now. Even though it’s intuitive to hope for RPAs — and, don’t get us wrong, it’s still awesome to hit them — there are inserts that are even more sought-after. For instance, Spectra’s Colorblasts are going for a ton of money. Black’s Spotlight Signatures has amazing photography that evokes the highs of Panini Noir. Just a couple of interesting examples where an RPA isn’t always the holy grail.

We’re talking about Sekou Doumbouya in our basketball segment. Detroit moved him to the Nets recently, which is a team that’s stacked with veteran stars. It’s reasonable to expect Dombouya to serve as an ongoing project who doesn’t see the court much in 2022. He might be a decent long-term hold, but he’s probably an awful short-term flip once the season starts.

Kyler Murray is the man of the hour in our football section. His cards have tumbled recently, probably because people are focused on the new crop of incoming rookies. But consider that Murray is one of the most dynamic QBs in the entire NFC now. The NFC is easier to compete in, and Murray is poised to reach the next level. This could be a very savvy investment before the 2021-22 season kicks off.

We’re back to Wander Franco in baseball. Who else would we talk about? Franco has reached base safely in 37 consecutive games, surpassing Mickey Mantle for players who have done that at 20 years of age or younger. The market has reacted accordingly. Franco’s cards were sky-high when he debuted, followed by a dip when he went through a near-immediate slump. Prices are right back up now that he’s attached himself to legendary names like Mickey Mantle.

Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox. Just a friendly reminder that we livestream on Loupe every Thursday at 6pm Eastern. Come hang out, chat about the hobby, and ask us any questions that are on your mind!

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