Is LeBron’s rookie card foreshadowing a huge jump in the card market?

One of the most iconic modern-era sports cards has leaped in value recently. LeBron James’ Topps Chrome rookie card’s sales prices have gone up approximately 40 percent over the past week or so. Is this an indicator that the card market is about to pull out of its slump? Will we see prices go back up across the board?

In our opinion, there probably won’t be a one-to-one effect. Cards as a whole might recover to some extent, but they won’t all go up 40 percent because LeBron’s rookie card did. The cards that are some of the most important in existence aren’t great benchmarks for determining what’ll happen with the rest of the industry. Just remember to do your research, don’t overreact, and only commit to what you’re comfortable with.

On the basketball side of things, Khris Middleton’s rookie cards are through the roof as he carried the Milwaukee Bucks into the NBA Finals. It might be a decent time to sell, as this has to be Middleton’s peak for the foreseeable future. In the MLB, Shohei Ohtani continues to be the most phenomenal specimen in recent baseball. Mashing the ball, swiping bags all over, perfectly decent on the bump (except for his last start), and on pace to hit 10 WAR this year. Don’t miss out on Shotime.

The hottest rookie is the subject of our NFL discussion. Justin Herbert’s prices have trended downward as people sold on the hype of him winning the Rookie of the Year award. In soccer, Harry Kane is possibly a big mover in the near future. He’s heating up as England gets into the semis of the European Championship. Fueling the fire, Kane might transfer to Man City this summer. It might be a good time to get in on Harry Kane.

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