The biggest hits of June

Let me start out by asking for forgiveness. An end-of-month roundup that’s eight days late?! Unacceptable! That’s crazy, like if the Oscars were held in April.

The Fourth of July holiday and some vacation time pushed the timeline back a bit. As a make-good, we’re going to bring out some real monsters today. Like Kong vs. Godzilla-sized monsters, if the dudes from Pacific Rim and Cloverfield showed up too.

Enough about monsters. June was a very good month on Loupe. We pulled stuff like this…

Mike Trout / Shohei Ohtani dual auto-relic booklet out of Tier One

We started hot and we stayed hot. BaileyJoe started June off on the right foot when he pulled this enormous Trout and Ohtani booklet numbered to 10 out of Tier One. Just two of the game’s greatest casually hanging out on a card together.

Austin Martin Bowman Chrome auto orange /25

Oh, it’s 2021’s hottest prospect. Oh, it’s a low-numbered autographed parallel. Yeah, you could say Buff’s Breaks screamed a little when he pulled this one.

Cristiano Ronaldo Obsidian Colorblast

Colorblasts fall into elite territory with Kabooms and Downtowns where they aren’t numbered but they’re extremely shortprinted. (For my money, they’re the best-looking out there.) Finding one of the best and most well-known players in the world? Ry$ did well for himself.

Joe Burrow out of Donruss Clearly /5

I’m a sucker for acetate products. I’m also a sucker for low-numbered parallels of top rookies. I’d say Kentucky Roadshow probably agrees on both accounts after pulling this giant Joey B.

Justin Herbert Obsidian Colorblast

Hey, look! It’s the natural culmination of my last two entries. Fantastic Insert + Top Rookie = Absolute Banger.

LeBron James 2003 Topps rookie card

Speaking of rookies, does anyone know if this LeBron James kid will be any good? This might be a big card if he pans out.

Max Verstappen Topps Chrome variation aqua parallel /99

I don’t know much about F1, but I know this guy is good. He’s been described to me as “the Patrick Mahomes of F1.” Say no more. This aqua variation that Buff’s pulled is absolutely sick.

Mike Trout Tier One auto /10

Lab 20 went fishin’ and caught a whopper. No more words needed. Just marvel at this catch.

Justin Herbert Obsidian 1/1 Shield patch

We’ll start exactly where we began: With BaileyJoe ripping fire. That’s the circle of life (or something). Anyway, I want this card, but there’s only one in the world. Tough luck for me, I guess.

This was just an appetizer — the smallest sampling — of all the goodness that’s ripped on Loupe every night. You’ve gotta be on the app if you wanna see this stuff live. It’s an incredible experience. Also, make sure to follow all of our sellers on Instagram to catch their greatest hits as they happen!

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