The biggest hits of May

If you’ve been around for a while, you already know the drill. Get to scrolling, and check out all the hot hot heat from May.

If you’re new, you probably also know the drill. The headline kind of gives it away. We pull a lot of fire on Loupe. Like, every single night is full of straight monsters. It’s kind of ridiculous, and it’s a good problem to have. Let’s have a look back at some of the best of May.

Derek Jeter Topps Tribute 1/1 auto

BaileyJoe kicked off May in style. You’re never gonna be upset seeing the Captain and his signature fistpump. You’d be doing a fistpump of your own when you see the “1/1” in the top-right corner.

Jordan Love Nike Swoosh 1/1 RPA out of Flawless

I don’t hate this at all. In fact, you could say I LOVE it. Casa managed to find a 1/1 RPA of a top quarterback rookie out of Flawless. One of the biggest hits of the month? Probably one of the biggest hits of the year.

Luis Robert 1/1 five-patch auto out of Sterling

The one-of-one train kept a rollin’. Heat Check got into this gorgeous Luis Robert five-patch auto out of Topps Sterling. We make it look easy.

Justin Herbert Shield 1/1 out of Plates and Patches

Same story, different card. This time it’s a Justin Herbert 1/1 NFL Shield logo out of Plates and Patches from Ry$. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?!

Patrick Mahomes II 1/1 Majestic Capstones quad-patch auto

Okay, last one. Promise. Lab 20 found a 1/1 Patrick Mahomes II white box quad-patch auto out of Majestic. Not only are we hitting 1/1s, but we’re hitting huge players. Loupe Magic at its finest.

Zion Williamson Kaboom! out of Crown Royale

SORRY! I know it’s not a 1/1. In fact, Kabooms aren’t even numbered. But Kaboom is a fan-favorite insert and Zion is one of the biggest names you can pull. FreshPullZ hit this monster, and it was one of the coolest cards on Loupe all month.

Tom Brady patch auto out of Flawless /2

It’s not a 1/1 and it’s not a rookie. It’s just the GOAT numbered to two, and it’s out of the highest-end product of the year. Hit Seekers wanted to take extra care of this card, so they hand-delivered it to the buyer.

Joe Burrow Nike book out of Flawless /10

Let’s cap off May with a monster booklet. Ry$ hit this Joe Burrow Nike swoosh auto booklet out of Flawless, numbered to 10. Not too shabby. If you want to see the magic moment for yourself, here’s the video of it being pulled. The excitement is palpable.

This is only a fraction — the smallest sliver — of all the behemoth cards that were pulled on Loupe throughout May. If you want to stay #InTheLoupe about all of them, make sure to follow all of our partners on Instagram. That way, you’ll never miss a hit.

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