Loupe Market Report — How scarcity should influence your collection

“Does a collector want it? How badly do they want it? How frequently can they find it?” With the general market down a bit, this week’s Loupe Market Report Powered by SlabStox takes a look at long-term investment strategies that you can take advantage of now. A solid approach is to focus on low-numbered serialed cards. This ensures scarcity and prevents an influx of newly-graded cards flooding the market and tanking the value.

For this week in basketball, we take a look at MVP candidate Joel Embiid’s nice price bump as he leads the 1-seed 76ers through a relatively breezy first round of the playoffs. In baseball, we analyze why Juan Soto’s prices are tumbling right alongside his slash line. (The good news is that his strikeout rate is still low, so he just needs to start barreling the ball up and improve his swing angle to turn ground balls into liners.) During football’s offseason, we speculate as to how the theoretical addition of Julio Jones could help Russell Wilson’s card prices as people get excited about the Seattle offense. Lastly, on the soccer front, Chelsea player Kai Havertz saw a spike right after netting the match’s only goal as the Blues upset Man City in the Champions League Final.

Thanks for watching! As always, we’ll be back Thursday at 6pm Eastern for the SlabStox live show, exclusively on Loupe. In the meantime, make sure to check out the previous episodes of the Loupe Market Report.

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