The biggest hits of March

I have a problem, and it’s a good problem to have. These monthly recaps are taking more and more time. As Loupe grows, more people buy and more people sell. That means I’ve been sifting through social media posts for hours, just trying to find the biggest hitters from the last 31 days.

I’ll get this out of the way upfront: These are only some of the greatest pulls of March. We’re to the point where it’s not even feasible to list everything that qualifies as straight fire. If you want the full rundown, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Follow your favorite breakers too so that you can see their nightly recaps. At the bottom of this post, we’ll list out all our sellers’ Instagram handles so don’t miss a thing.

Onto the hits!

Luka Doncic Encased rookie autograph

In early March, Lab 20 had a box of Encased that couldn’t seem to find a home. When someone finally bought it, everyone else kicked themselves. It was holding a Luka Doncic rookie autograph numbered to 75. This Lulu was one heck of a way to start the month off on the right foot.

Jasson Dominguez Bowman Sapphire Green auto /50

We almost had an emergency the other nights. Wags’ hands nearly caught fire from all the hot hot heat he was pulling on Casa’s stream. There was a Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie autograph out of Bowman’s Best, a Yordan Alvarez rookie autograph out of Topps Sapphire, and a Ken Griffey Jr. gold autograph relic redemption out of Triple Threads. But nothing beat this green parallel Jasson Dominguez autograph out of Bowman Sapphire. Just an absolute monster of a card.

Joe Burrow RPA out of Panini One

We had a lot of fun with Panini One this month. In fact, it feels a little dirty only including a single Panini One card. But, if we have to choose one, I think it has to be this Joe Burrow RPA numbered to 49 that Fresh pulled. Filthy patch, clean auto, low number — just a beautiful card all around.

Connor McDavid Splendor patch autos out of The Cup

How’s this for pulling the greatest player on planet earth? On the left, Fresh’s Conor McDavid Splendor patch auto. One the right, BrewMedic’s Conor McDavid Splendor patch auto. Both out of The Cup, which is like the National Treasures of hockey. That’s right — Loupe is home to 1/18th of these gorgeous and highly valuable McDavid cards.

Heston Kjerstad 1st Bowman Chrome auto /75

You know what’s a solid pull? A top 100 prospect who just went second overall in the most recent MLB draft. Hit Seekers lived up to their name by finding the black parallel of this Heston Kjerstad 1st Bowman Chrome autograph, numbered to 75.

Anthony Edwards RPA out of Panini Certified

Alright, does anyone else find it a little crazy that we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve had to double up multiple best hits of the month? That’s how much fire’s going around. We aren’t pulling only one of our best cards. We’re pulling two.

On the left, an Anthony Edwards RPA from Casa. On the right, an Anthony Edwards RPA from Ry Dolla Rips. So nice, we pulled it twice.

Luis Robert 1/1 out of Topps Archives Signature Series

March was one hell of a month. I think we have to close it with a banger that no one else has. How about a Luis Robert autographed one-of-one? So long, March — you were dang good to us.

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