New Seller: Papajay Cards

NorCal in the house! Our newest seller holds it down in Rohnert Park, a little more than an hour north of the Bay Area. Everyone, welcome Papajay Cards to Loupe.

Papajay is a household operation, and they’re serving cards up family style. You’re going to usually see Curtis — aka Papajay — ripping live on Loupe. However, Mommajay will get involved from time to time.

What kind of cards are we talkin’ about? Papajay mostly sticks to the bread and butter trio of basketball, football, and baseball. They’re popular with everyone for a reason. Although, you’ll probably find some Pokemon on their streams too.

The early bird gets the worm. They’re making their Loupe debut at 12:30pm ET today, December 17. (That’s 9:30am Pacific!) Swing through and show Papajay Cards a friendly Loupe welcome. They can keep the worms, you get to keep the hits.

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