Here’s how much value each grading company adds

There’s a ton of talk about the various grading companies and which is best, but it really all boils down to one thing: Which company helps maximize the value of a card? That’s the topic of this week’s Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox.

Obviously, there are a ton of variables when it comes to determining value. Pop reports, rarity, how long a product is en vogue, etc. But for this, we’re looking specifically at a Prizm LaMelo Ball rookie card which is generally valued at $50 raw.

The breakdown is fascinating. We look at the major five grading companies: PSA, Beckett, SGC, HGA, and CSG. Of those, PSA has the most upside right now as popping a 10 will add nearly $500 in value after subtracting the $200 grading fee. It’s a risky play though because a 9 means you’re losing about $70. Beckett is in a similar position as the price of grading makes it almost impossible to turn a profit — especially since no LaMelo Prizms have gotten a 10 from BGS yet.

However, at this $50 range, the cheaper grading companies are the safest. SGC, HGA, and CSG all have decent gains at 9.5 and 10s. An SGC 10 returns $225 in profit, and an HGA 9.5 is good for $145. It’s not the big play like going PSA may be, but it’s also the safest in the very likely event that a Prizm card doesn’t grade perfectly. The moral of the story is that it’s important to know your card when choosing which grading service to submit with.

Sport by Sport Breakdown

As we turn our attention to individual sports, we look to Darius Garland’s rookie card in our basketball segment. It’s a budget-friendly card, and it might be one you should consider picking up. Garland’s pegged as a breakout candidate in his third season, as his role grows and the Cavs maximize their roster to best utilize his skillset. Given that his rookie Prizm PSA 10 is going for about $50 right now, this could be a steal of a card.

On the baseball front, Eloy Jimenez came back from injury and played well for the ChiSox. Being in the news, getting back into the lineup, and performing has predictably caused his cards to temporarily spike. Eloy has a solid career ahead of him, but it might be a good time to sell before buying cheaper during the offseason.

Not many QBs are hotter than Josh Allen headed into the 2021 NFL season. Ever since training camp started, his prices have steadily climbed. People expect huge things from him this year. He’s capable of leading the Bills to a Super Bowl which would send his cards skyrocketing. But, they’re already relatively high so it’s not like you’re buying the dip. His cards will be interesting to watch this year.

Two Manchester United youngsters are at the forefront of our soccer discussion. Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho are both in the spotlight as Cristiano Ronaldo joins Man U. As people predict Sancho ends up out of the starting XI, his prices have dipped sharply in anticipation that he’ll be coming off the bench soon.

Thanks for watching another episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox. If you have questions about anything from this week’s show, make sure to catch our Loupe livestream on Thursday at 6pm Eastern where we’ll be answering questions from chat!

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  1. Elite Card Grading (ECG) is a legit company with superb grading, security, fast turn around and also fair pricing. I’d love to see a loupe review of them. Their slabs are great to look at as well.

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