It’s a Bonus Card Bonanza all week long!

Yes, fresh off of our Summer Sale, Loupe has yet another app-wide promotion that’s gonna knock your socks off. It’s all a part of our commitment to bringing you the best deals we can.

This week is Bonus Card Bonanza Week. That means you hopefully get something extra out of your time on Loupe. Read on to find out how it works, who’s involved, and when the streams are scheduled.

What’s Bonus Card Bonanza?

Loupe has loaded its sellers up with free product to give away during their streams. They get to decide how it runs. Some will give away a free pack with every purchase (while supplies last), others might raffle off free packs at the end among everyone who bought.

The sellers have a lot of freedom to decide how they want to reward their community of loyal viewers. The only rule we have is that it has to all be given away. Make sure to tune into every stream to catch everyone’s gameplan.

What kinda cards are we talkin’ about?

It’s pretty good stuff! This list obviously isn’t exhaustive, but we’ve got: Bowman Sapphire, Topps Tribute, Prizm Basketball, Prizm Football, Panini Select, Topps Archives, and a ton more.

We let every seller make their own shopping list, so they bought products that best fit their usual breaks. No one picked any duds.

When’s this going down?

This might be the most important part. From Monday (July 12) through Sunday (July 18) this week, certain streamers will be live during designated time slots. We wanted to give everyone their own share of the spotlight so that the event is always rolling throughout the course of the week. Here’s the schedule:

  • July 12, Monday evening — AJ Dillon
  • July 13, Tuesday afternoon — FreshPullZ
  • July 13, Tuesday evening — Susie Sports
  • July 14, Wednesday afternoon — Buff’s Breaks
  • July 14, Wednesday evening — BrewMedic47
  • July 15, Thursday afternoon — Heat Check Breaks
  • July 15, Thursday evening — Hit Seekers
  • July 16, Friday afternoon — Casa Breaks
  • July 16, Friday evening — Ry$ Rips
  • July 17, Saturday afternoon — KidBreaker
  • July 17, Saturday evening — Ecto Selecto
  • July 18, Sunday afternoon — Coach Chris
  • July 18, Sunday evening — Lab 20 Sports Cards

We know, that’s a lot to remember. Feel free to revisit this post anytime you need a refresher. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates about who’s up next in the Bonus Card Bonanza. Of course, we’ll send out push notifications for everyone, so make sure you have them enabled.

Now that all the formalities are out of the way, go get yourself some bonus cards. We want to see your collection get a real glow-up this summer.

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