2021 Bowman Draft Baseball

What’s In the Box: 2021 Bowman Draft Baseball Hobby

Despite the MLB season being at a standstill due to the ongoing CBA negotiations, Bowman’s has their eyes set on the future with its newest release. 2021 Bowman Draft Jumbo will be out this week featuring the the top prospects from the 2021 MLB draft in various inserts both returning and some new. So, before you go hunting for the next big thing on the diamond let’s get into what’s in the box. 

One rookie to collect on each MLB team: AL Central

Despite basketball and football getting a vast majority of the headlines across the hobby, there will always be a magic feeling around baseball cards. Something about ripping into Topps Baseball, reading all the stats on the back of the cards, and collecting that year’s newest rookies while the winter turns to spring is something all …

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