Best Bryce Harper Baseball Cards

The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, Bryce Harper, is on the cusp of one of the most special postseason runs for a player in some time. With a batting average of .392 with 20 hits, 5 homers, 11 RBIs, and 11 runs scored in 13 games in the 2022 postseason, and he’s looking to lead the Phillies in their first World Series title since 2008.

So, in honor of Bryce Harper’s first appearance in the World Series and this excellent run, we’re breaking down some of the best Bryce Harper baseball cards to date.

Bryce Harper Rookie Cards

Bryce was drafted by the Washington Nationals in 2009, and made his big league debut in 2012, wasting almost zero time getting acclimated. In his first year, he had a batting average of .270 with 144 hits, 22 homers, 59 RBIs, and 98 runs scored in 139 games. Which earned him the honors of NL Rookie of the Year. Due to his popularity and the success he showed, these cards have become very popular.

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Bryce Harper

The 2011 Bowman Chrome Harper Prospect Card is one of the most beloved and coveted rookie cards featuring the slugger, and this is for two reasons. First, prospect cards have always garnered the attention of baseball card collectors. Secondly, scouts considered Bryce Harper one of – if not the best – prospect. Coupling that hype with a respected brand and the on-card signature makes for a fan-favorite in the hobby.

2012 Topps Archives Bryce Harper Rookie Card

Next up on our list is Bryce Harper’s 2012 Topps Archives Rookie Card. This is another excellent addition for any baseball card collection looking for a Bryce Harper rookie card on the roster. The first official rookie card to be released of Harper features an action shot of him during Spring Training. While it doesn’t have the auto like many other valuable rookie cards, it is one of the extremely short-printed options that provides some elevated value on the secondary market.

2012 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper #214 Rookie Card

Bryce Harper’s 2012 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Rookie Card is a must-have for any Bryce Harper collector. The classic design of Bowman Chrome featuring the young Bryce Harper is one of the most valuable and sought-after cards to this day. It may not have the illustrious design of other cards on our list. However, the Bowman Chrome Harper RC still gets considerable attention due to the respected nature of Bowman Chrome.

2012 Topps Bryce Harper #661 Batting / Red Helmet RC

Topps Baseball gave us one of the most sought-after Bryce Harper RC with his 2012 Topps Bryce Harper #661 Batting Rookie Card. The red helmet version of the card with Harper up to bat is quite rare and fetches a nice price depending on how high that particular card is graded. 

2012 Panini National Treasures Bryce Harper Rookie Card #160 Jersey

This high-end Bryce Harper rookie card from Panini National Treasures features a game-used patch. However, Panini’s lack of a license for the MLB sets a glass ceiling to how much collectors are willing to pay in the secondary market for it. Despite all of that, National Treasures still offers a quality product, and while it may not hold up the best on auctions, it would look great in a collection as more of a budget option.

2012 Topps Triple Threads Bryce Harper Rookie Card #129 Autograph Jersey #/99

Topps Baseball gave us one of the more uniquely designed autograph patch rookie cards with this Harper auto RC. 2012 Topps Triple Threads Bryce Harper Rookie Card is a horizontal card giving baseball card fans all of the elements worthy of the chase, an on-card signature partnered with three relic pieces.

Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Cards

After his time in Washington, Bryce has since taken his talents to Philadelphia on a contract. Baseball fans in the city of Brotherly Love rejoiced knowing that they’ve added a perennial all-star capable of coming through in the clutch.  

While his cards dawning the Philadelphia Phillies gear may not carry the same weight as his rookie cards in Washington, there are some that are worthy of attention and could be a potential investment. 

Bryce Harper 2019 Panini Prizm Color Blast

Panini Prizm’s Color Blast inserts are fan favorites no matter the sport. So, when Bryce Harper was a part of that short list in it’s 2019 release, it was a forgone conclusion that baseball card fans will be on the hunt. It’s clean design with the splash of colors disseminating from behind an image of Harper after his swing makes for one of the best looking cards of his in recent history.

Bryce Harper 2022 Panini Absolute Kaboom!

Another quality insert is Bryce Harper’s Panini Absolute Kaboom! The Kaboom! insert is another top-tier modern card with a dynamic design with eye-popping colors surrounding an image of Harper at bat.

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Bryce Harper is still one of the Major League’s biggest stars. While we may not know if he and the Philadelphia Phillies can capture the title of “the best team in the MLB” after the World Series, what he has managed to accomplish this season is nothing short of special.

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