What’s in the Box: 2022 Onyx Vintage Baseball

It’s easy to focus on all of the big names in #TheHobby and rightfully so. We’ve grown to love the hype and prestige these products bring. However, every now and then, a great product can go under the radar, and one of those easily slept on products releases today with 2022 Onyx Vintage Baseball.

What to Expect

  • Cards per pack: 10
  • Packs per box: 1
  • Boxes per case: 24


Onyx Vintage Baseball continues its tradition of pairing blue-chip MLB prospects with current and former superstars on the diamond. Top picks from the 2021 rookie class and NIL college prospects share the box with the likes of Shohei Ohtani and Ken Griffey, Jr. in a 65-base card set.


While Onyx Vintage Baseball isn’t as deep of a product as some of its big name counterparts, they made sure to provide some quality elements including autograph parallels. With two on-card autographs in every box, you can chase Blue Signatures (#/50), Green Signatures (#/50), Red Signatures (#/25) and Black Signatures (#/5).


Alright, Loupe family — if you’re looking for something fresh and fun to add to your personal collection, I dare you to hop on the Loupe App today to get your hands on this quality 2022 Onyx Vintage Baseball product and be sure to share your hits with us so we can celebrate with you in your wins! 

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