What’s in the Box: 2021 Panini Prizm Football

Friday is a banner day in #TheHobby. It’s release day for one of the most well-recognized and beloved products on the market. We’re talking Panini Prizm Football, which people look forward to all year long. Can you tell we’re just a little bit hyped?!

When Friday, June 3 rolls around, Loupe sellers are going to be ripping Prizm all day long. Let’s get you a little preview so you know all the high-level details.

What to Expect

  • Cards per pack — 12
  • Packs per box — 12
  • Boxes per case — 12


Prizm Football’s base checklist is robust, featuring 440 cards. These are printed on a chromium cardstock, giving them a shiny, metallic, and premium feel. A little more than 100 of the cards on the checklist are rookies, which fall two per pack.


One of Prizm’s biggest draws is that it’s loaded with parallels. Here’s the list of hobby parallels: Silver Prizms, Snakeskin Prizms (not numbered but case hits), Orange Prizms ( out of 249), Purple Ice Prizms (out of 225), Blue Wave Prizms ( out of 199), Hyper Prizms ( out of 175), Red Wave Prizms ( out of 149), Purple Prizms ( out of 125), Blue Ice Prizms ( out of 99), Green Scope Prizms ( out of 75), Orange Wave Prizms ( out of 60), Purple Power Prizms ( out of 49), Navy Camo Prizms ( out of 25), Forest Camo Prizms ( out of 15), Gold Prizms ( out of 10), Gold Vinyl Prizms ( out of 5), and Black Finite Prizms ( out of 1).


Add in the various retail releases and their exclusive parallels, and the list gets significantly longer.

On average, Panini says you can expect a hobby box to contain 4 Silver Prizms and 10 serial-numbered Prizms.


Prizm Football sports a healthy auto checklist. There are 109 rookie autos up for grabs, each player with their own set of parallels. There are 179 more veterans and legends in the base autographs checklist, and a handful of insert autos in sets like Sensational Signatures and Franchise Legends Signatures.

While rookie autos (and their accompanying parallels) are a huge chase in Prizm, the rookie patch auto set is particularly sought-after. This checklist has 38 of the biggest rookies from the 2020-21 season. Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Ja’Marr Chase — you already know the names.

Autographs land two per hobby box in Prizm Football, meaning one in every six packs.


While Prizm Football is mostly known for its parallels and rookie autos, there are some super shortprinted inserts that draw a lot of attention. Colorblasts, Stained Glass, Illumination, and Instant Impact are some returning inserts that we know and love from various Panini products.

An interesting new insert is called Manga, which imbues a Japanese animation style on some of the most popular players in the league. While Prizm averages five inserts per box, sets like Manga and Colorblast are case hits, meaning that they’re exceedingly rare and some of the most prized cards in the entire product.

Prizm Football is a flagship line for a reason. The cards look great, the rookies are among the most valuable in the hobby, and every rip is a lot of fun. We hope you spend Prizm Football Day on Loupe because the app is gonna be on fire all day long.

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