What’s in the Box: 2021 Panini One Football

Happy Wednesday, Loupe family! With the NFL Draft at the top of mind for the football universe, Panini releases one of its most unique products today. It’s high-end, the ceiling is ridiculous, and the name is literal.

What to Expect:

Cards per pack: 1

Packs per box: 1

Boxes per case: 20

Panini One is unique in itself, providing one autographed card in each pack that’s contained within a sealed one-touch. But the simplicity of Panini One doesn’t mean that variety is absent.

With 19 different inserts, you can snag a signature from one of the top rookies to touch the NFL gridiron for the first time, land a veteran who’s proven to be a staple, or capture a legend who’s cemented in the lore of the NFL. 

Rookie Cards

Panini One made sure to give several inserts dedicated to the biggest names of last year’s draft class.

Rookie Patch Autographs features 30 of the league’s top first-year players, such as Devonta Smith, Najee Harris, and Trevor Lawrence, in six separate parallels. Blue (/99 or less), Bronze (/49 or less), Red (/25 or less ), Gold (/10), Platinum (/5), and Black (1/1).  

Premium Rookie Patch Autographs is similar to the base RPAs but with a few modifications in the design and the numbering.

Among the others, we have Rookie Dual Patch Autographs, where two patches accompany the rookies. Next, Precision Rookie Patch Autographs goes vertical with the opti-chrome design. And last of the rookie exclusive inserts, Square One, features 4 prime or super prime patches. 

More Autographs

While Panini One is loaded with rookie cards, they were also sure to show love to the vets and legends with a few inserts.

Some of the featured inserts like Formula One, One Man Show, and One Up all feature a mix of veteran stars as well as retired greats. You can find signatures from Randy Moss and Troy Polamalu to Derrick Henry and Aaron Rodgers.

However, there are even more to look forward to, one of which is the super rare Shield Signatures. Shield Signatures highlights rookie, veterans, and hall of famers in 1/1 cards coupled with NFL shield patches.

Panini One has only been around for a handful of years now, but it’s already a fan favorite among those who’d rather cut out the base cards and get straight to the sweet stuff. If you are as hype as us to get your hands on Panini One, jump on Loupe because our sellers have them stocked and ready to go. And as always, share your big hits with us so we can celebrate with you on the app.

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