New Seller: Ca$hville

Here comes the money. That’s what you’re going to hum when our newest seller fires up a stream. Cha-ching!

We’re proud to welcome Oregon’s finest, Ca$hville, to the Loupe squad. Ca$hville is run by Daniel Still, a/k/a DPS, who’s a long-time collector, giant sports fan, and an entertaining breaker.

Ca$hville carries all the products you probably expect — basketball, football, UFC, soccer, Pokemon, etc — and DPS isn’t afraid to voice his opinion about the stars of each sport. Be on the lookout for some special repacks coming to Ca$hville’s shop too.

You can catch Ca$hville’s debut stream as part of late-night Loupe. DPS is going live at 12:30am ET on Friday morning, or 9:30pm PT Thursday night for the west coasters. Make sure to hit that bell to get a notification. You don’t wanna miss the money.

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