New Seller: Lunchtime Breakroom

Looking for a way to break up your mundane workday? Need something to do on your lunch break rather than stare at your microwaved leftovers? Our newest seller exists specifically for you.

The newest member of the Loupe Family says it all in their name: Lunchtime Breakroom. They’re an escape when you need a little break. Hop into their room, grab some cards, and then get back to work. That’s why you’ll usually find them on during the early afternoon.

It’s a good week to welcome Lunchtime Breakroom into the fold considering that football cards are their bread and butter. They spend a lot of time chasing rookie cards of gridiron legends. That’s the sort of hunt that’s never dull. Their inventory has some baseball, basketball, etc too.

So, have you had your break today? If not, Lunchtime Breakroom is there to help you recharge and add a little excitement to your day. It’s a lot better than just working through lunch.

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