New Seller: Bunker Breaks

Honest, passionate, and approachable — that’s what we’re all looking for in the hobby, right? That’s exactly what our newest seller brings to the table.

We’d like to extend a hearty Loupe welcome to the newest member of the Loupe family, Bunker Breaks. Adam, the man behind Bunker Breaks, is a military veteran of 24 years. He brings the personality traits he learned serving our country into his philosophy for running a business.

Based in Florida, Bunker Breaks is constantly refreshing its inventory through card shows, private sales, and consignments. Long story short, if you’re looking for something, Bunker probably has it. If not, there’s a good chance they can find it soon. They’re always on the hunt.

Drop by Bunker Breaks, chat about the hobby, and check out their stock. You’ll find that they’re perfectly willing to share whatever advice you might be wondering about. Bunker Breaks debuts on Loupe today, Friday January 28 at 8pm ET. Show them that our whole community reciprocates their mantra of being honest, passionate, and approachable.

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