eBay veteran Chris Tani joins Loupe team

Loupe’s newest team member is one that has deep connections and experience in the sports/trading card hobby. After 14 years at eBay, Chris Tani has joined Loupe as its Director of Marketplace Operations.

Sports and trading cards are one of the fastest-growing segments at eBay. As a Senior Manager in eBay’s Sports and Trading Cards department, Tani helped oversee and guide this unprecedented growth. “The hobby is healthier, stronger, and more exciting than ever before,” Tani says. “As athletes transcend local markets and become worldwide cultural icons, we’ll continue to see an increased appetite for collecting their cards.”

Tani is a lifelong collector who has fond memories of riding his bike to the local card shop where he’d spend his hard-earned allowance on cards. He has built quite the personal collection over the years, but Tani says he’s most proud of his rare Allen Iverson cards. Tani also cherishes the DJ Skee collaboration cards that he helped launch during his time at eBay.

In his role as Loupe’s Director of Marketplace Operations, Tani will be dedicated to optimizing the buyer and seller experience on the app. “I was drawn to Loupe because it combines the excitement and fun of a card show with a sleek and innovative design that’s laser-focused on the customer experience,” Tani explains. “As livestreaming commerce becomes more and more popular, it’s my goal to make Loupe the #1 destination for all collectors. The entire team at Loupe shares that same vision, and together we can make the hobby a better place for everyone.”

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