New Seller: Game Time Cardz

Most sellers don’t have a giant red-haired guy. Our newest seller does. And despite what some people may say about gingers, this one definitely has soul.

Everyone, give a warm welcome the newest member of the Loupe Fam, Game Time Cardz!

This modern-day hobby store hails from the 4-oh-7 in Winter Park, Florida — which is part of the Orlando area. Swing by if you’re ever nearby. They specialize in all sports, including baseball, football, soccer, hockey, f1, tennis, and golf.

As for Game Time Loupe streams, you’ll get most familiar with Robert, who’s “a 6’3″ ginger” — their words, not mine. He’s bringing up the average height of the theoretical Loupe recreational basketball team. But we care less about his height and more about how hot his hands get.

We’ll test that fire in person when Game Time Cardz makes their Loupe debut. Be on the lookout later tomorrow, Monday January 24 at 1pm ET. And make sure to drop them a friendly hello in the comments below!

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