New Seller: Kardluck

A rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, and some horseshoes. That’s some stuff you might have lying around the house in hopes that they’ll bring you some card luck. Well, we’re bring you Kardluck and we don’t even need to hit the cereal aisle for a box of Lucky Charms.

Loupe’s newest seller is Kardluck, a New York-based trio of hobby fanatics. They recognize how the card game has changed thanks to online breaking, and they’re appreciative of the way it allows the community to connect across any distance.

What can you expect to see as far as inventory goes? Kardluck says they specialize in basketball, football, soccer, UFC, and TCGs. Check out their TikTok channel for some fun videos of their biggest hits.

So, you feeling lucky? Kardluck makes their Loupe debut on Monday, January 17 at 4pm ET. Get in their room show everyone what the Luck of the Loupe is all about.

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