New Seller: California Roadshow

Roadshow is taking this show on the… road. Okay, that wasn’t great even if it was appropriate.

You’ve been entertained by Jimbo and Kentucky Roadshow for well over half a year at this point. It’s nigh time this shop broke free from its southern comfort and took over the Best Coast.

Get ready for California Roadshow. It’s the brother tandem of Ryan and Justin who are local to Sonoma. They’re going to run the California arm, as the Roadshow squad looks to take over the country one region at a time. The ideals don’t change though. Jimmy and the Roadshow brand want to make sure that anything with their name attached uses cards to make positive impacts on people’s lives and works to foster long-lasting relationships in the community.

When does this venture go coast-to-coast? Very soon. California Roadshow makes their Loupe debut tonight at 8pm ET. You know what to do. Hop on, rip some packs, and show them some Loupe Love. They’ll definitely be showing you some California Love.

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