An important message from our CEO

Before we pop the bubbly and ring in the new year, we want to reflect on 2021. This year was nothing short of incredible, exciting, and life-changing. Everyone put in a lot of hard work — our team, our sellers, and our partners — because we want Loupe to be the premier destination for collectors. We hope we’re helping change the hobby for the better.

We prepared a quick video about the past year. It’s really crazy when you take this rollercoaster 12 months and condense it down to 3 minutes.

We’re getting some R&R as we wind down 2021, and we hope that you are too. Have a safe and happy new year, and we want you to know that your support over the past year means the world to us. We’ve changed a lot of lives one pack of cards at a time.

2 thoughts on “An important message from our CEO

  1. Just got hip today, and I love the introduction already. It’s something about being part of history and I feel LOUPE will do just that, make history. Glad to be a part of this community.

  2. Appreciate the information, been the hobby for 30 years, starting to grow online presence over the coming years. I’m not quite ready to partner, but it is my hope to do so by years end.

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