New Seller: The Monster Card Shop

They’re not under your bed and they’re not lurking in your closet. They’re not scary, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Well, unless you’re scared that your hits are gonna be too big. That could be a problem.

Loupe’s newest seller is The Monster Card Shop from sunny Queen’s Creek, Arizona. The dynamic duo of Kyle Rino and Jon Rotonda has been breaking together for seven years, and now they’re ready to bring their talents to Loupe. They’re established that Panini and Topps have brought them on as brand ambassadors at events.

Monster specializes in baseball, basketball, football, and UFC. They also specialize in having a huge selection for whatever kind of personal rip you’re craving. Bring your appetite.

Go ahead and show The Monster Card Shop how we do things around here. They’ll go live for their debut stream later this morning. Pack the room and show them that we aren’t scared of monsters.

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