New Seller: Gas Trading Cards

A wild Gas Trading Cards appeared! Loupe used Master Ball! It’s super effective! All right! Gas Trading Cards was caught!

We told you last week that we’re going to meaningfully expand our TCG coverage in the leadup to our 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition event. We’re starting by adding one of the best Pokémon breakers in the game. Everyone, welcome Gas Trading Cards to Loupe!

Gas’ dedicated Loupe personality will be Justin, who has been streaming Pokémon for more than three years. He’s got it all down — vintage, modern, the games, the anime, and news about upcoming stuff. Justin knows everything about Pokémon and he’s here to impart that wisdom on you.

If you’re gonna catch ’em all, you gotta catch Gas Trading Cards’ debut stream. They kick off the Loupe TCG action tonight, October 19 at 7:45 ET. Hopefully the show will be full of Charizards.

10 thoughts on “New Seller: Gas Trading Cards

    • Really depends on how much you want to spend. Charizards are always a good thing to hold on to. If looking for bigger cost but will always continue to hold value, sealed WOTC items continue to hold and raise in value

  1. Great seller. Very helpful and definitely knows it all about pokeman. Very nice person very giving. I haven’t missed a stream in 9 months. Trustworthy company. Go to GAS for all your pokeman cards.

  2. Just started learning a bit more about Pokémon. I acquired a lot of Pokémon cards they are newer ones from 2017 – 2021 and a small lot of Japanese ones. Needed to learn and GAS caught my attention so I stopped by to say hi. I ended up sticking around for an hour. Justin makes it fun and I walked away realizing it was an hour well spent because he really knows his stuff. Came back the next night and spent 4 hrs learning and even participated in a few games. Had a blast! Can’t wait to get my cards in the mail.

  3. Amazing streamer! Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the hobby! They do an amazing job at keeping the crowd hyped. Been through multiple streams with them even before they were on Loupe! Watched them grow bigger and bigger everytime. If there’s fire to be pulled, then it is the GASTCS being poured all over! They Ignite this hobby as well as anybody who follows them! Glad to see they only continue to get to spot #1!

    P.S. The Pokémon Trove rocks!!!

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