New Seller: Wicked Discounts

You’re not going to catch our newest seller on Broadway with Idina Menzel. And you won’t hear them doing their best stereotypical Boston Good Will Hunting “How you like dem apples?” accent. They’re wicked in a different way.

Today, we introduce Wicked Discounts to Loupe! This Pennsylvania family has been breaking on YouTube for four years, and they’re ready to bring their talents to Loupe. The colors in the logo aren’t a coincidence. These breakers support their boys in black and gold:

Wicked Discounts specializes in baseball, but is no stranger to any of the other sports. Don’t be surprised if they make a night out of selling some offbeat stuff like WWE or Disney cards. Variety is the spice of life!

Make sure to give Derrick and Amy at Wicked Discounts a friendly Loupe welcome when you see them live. Their debut was this weekend, but they’ll be back before you know it.

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