The biggest hits of September

Nine months into the year, and it feels like we have a Murderer’s Row on our hands. Every month has knocked the ball out of the park, and there’s no sign that we’re slowing down anytime soon. We have to be leading the league in slugging percentage.

September was characteristically incredible, just as we’ve come to expect. How good are we talkin’? Let’s go through some of the biggest monsters of the month.

Tom Brady Flawless patch auto /2

No better place to start than with the Timeless GOAT. This one is especially interesting. On its own, Hit Seekers pulling a Tom Brady patch auto out of Flawless numbered to 2 definitely warrants making the list. But Hit Seekers actually hit both of the cards. They pulled the first back in May and then hit the second one in September. That’s some crazy Loupe magic.

A bunch of Donruss Downtowns

We’ve never shied away from admitting our love for Downtowns. They make the shortlist of best inserts out there. That’s why we’re lumping together all the ones we hit on Loupe in September. Lamar Jackson, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Josh Allen, pulled by Lab 20, Ry$, and Gem City.

Justin Herbert Encased auto /50

Nothing’s better than hitting out of Encased. Justin Herbert’s the reigning Rookie of the Year and he’s only getting better. And this card’s already graded, so no tough decision as to whether you should send it in. Win-win for the lucky buyer in Heat Check’s stream.

Whatever this 1/1 Allen & Ginter Buyback Is…

I’ve never been so confused about a card, but also so convinced that it’s definitely a hit. BrewMedic47 pulled this 1/1 framed buyback from Allen & Ginter, which is an original 1888 “Racing Colors of the World” series N22a. There’s one on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is literally history right here.

Jordan Love Playbook RPA booklet

How many patches does your RPA have? One? Maybe two? Pshhh, Gem City hit this eight-patch Jordan Love RPA booklet. Next level stuff.

Peyton Manning Black auto /5

Peyton Manning is firmly entrenched as a part of the ongoing NFL conversation again. That’s because Peyton and Eli put on the Monday Night Football broadcasts that everyone wants to watch. It makes this auto out of Panini Black all the more relevant.

Joe Montana and Steve Young auto booklet out of 2015 Donruss Signature Series

Two of the finest to ever do it in a 49ers uniform. Not much to say about this one. Four MVPs between them and they brought five rings to the Bay Area. Just marvel at the legacy.

Lewis Hamilton Topps Chrome orange refractor /25

Start with a GOAT, end with a GOAT (although Michael Schumacher might like a word). As hot as F1 is right now, you know this is a huge card. Heat Check found Lewis Hamilton, and he’s an absolute monster for an orange refractor.

Super Late Bonus Entry: LaMelo Ball Donruss Optic Rookie Dominators Gold Vinyl 1/1 auto

Hand in the air, full accountability. I missed this one the first time. Redemptions are easy to overlook, and it’s not immediately clear that the Gold Vinyls are actually one-of-ones.

With all that in mind — What a card! The reigning rookie of the year’s 1/1 auto. Whomever pulled this: We definitely need to see the real card once the redemption gets fulfilled. Make sure you send a picture our way.

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