New Loupe Seller: B2 Sports Hub

Imagine we’re playing a game of Battleship. A1? Miss. C3? Miss. B2? HIT!

Well, Loupe’s newest seller is no stranger to hits. But B2’s not here to sink your battleship. They’re here to rip straight fire.

Patrick, Aaron, and Dustin make up the Michigan trio of B2 Sports Hub. They started breaking early during the pandemic as means of capturing that live-hangout sports bar feel that everyone missed. It quickly ballooned into a success story.

Since then, they’ve opened up a brick-and-mortar store in Charlotte, Michigan. It’s a destination for local collectors to share the hobby, and it’s a centralized space for the gang to host their streams. It’s exactly where you’ll see them breaking from on Loupe.

And you’ll see them breaking on Loupe later tonight! B2 Sports Hub goes live for the first right now — Wednesday, September 29 at 8:30pm ET. Make sure to swing through and make this one a stream to remember.

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