Which sophomore quarterback is the best buy right now?

In this week’s episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox, we take a look at a sophomore QB who might be a great investment. While the whole hobby flocks to the new rookie class, prices on a lot of second-year players have dipped. The likes of Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are still plenty high, but newly-minted Philadelphia Eagles starter Jalen Hurts is low.

Hurts has a lot going his way that could make his cards a savvy buy. He has new offensive weapons, and he has an O-line that’s healthy again — both big problems with Philly’s game last year. Hurts is also playing for a passionate and big fanbase, something that always helps values when someone’s playing well. Jalen Hurts is a prime candidate for a short-term investment.

In basketball, Terance Mann is up considerably over the summer, but down after it spiked following a 39-point playoff performance. Look out for Mann to play a bigger role this season, especially given the Clippers’ thinner roster. He’s in line to get more shots this year, meaning he should put up bigger numbers. Don’t be surprised if he has a breakout season.

Los Angeles Dodgers ace Walker Buehler is in the thick of the NL Cy Young race, putting up impressive stat lines across traditional and advanced metrics. Winning will obviously bump his card prices higher than they are now. However, with LA almost guaranteed to go deep into another postseason run, you can figure that’ll send his card values upward too. Barring injury, he’s almost certain to be headed upward one way or another.

We’re talking about Erling Haaland again for the soccer segment. His prices have steadily tumbled since the spring because Borussia Dortmund isn’t transferring him to a European powerhouse club, and he didn’t play in the European Championship. People were keen to sell him off, but he’s recovering thanks to the season starting and Haaland netting a brace and two assists in the first match. Keep an eye on Haaland’s cards because soccer prices usually move alongside him.

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