Here’s your first look at the 2021 National!

We’ve made it. The Loupe team has converged from all corners of the country, and landed safely in Chicago. This might sound crazy, but it’s actually the first time that most of us have met in person! There was some team bonding over a few drinks last night.

Now that hugs were had and stories were told, we’ve made our way over to the convention center and got our booth all set up. Here’s the lay of the land in the Breaker Pavilion:

If you’re here, make sure to come say hi to the squad. We’ll be hanging out pretty much all weekend long. Some of our fine sellers will be posted up at the booth hosting Loupe streams. Swing by and you’ll get to meet folks like FreshPullZ, Susie Sports, Hit Seekers, and more!

I’m writing this before the insanity begins. Things are relatively quiet right now because only exhibitors are allowed on the show floor as everyone gets set up. That changes in a few hours when people with VIP badges get early access. Then, tomorrow morning, it’s going to be slam-packed with people. We’re looking forward to meeting a million collectors and talkin’ shop with everyone.

Even though it’s early, we’ve already knocked some stuff off our National bucket list. I’ve made my way over to PSA and submitted a couple cards. The line there is already growing, and it’s going to be certifiably nuts when everyone gets in. I expect people to rush over there just to cut down on time in the queue.

We’ve also stopped by Blowout to touch base with those guys. In case you missed the news, we’re giving National attendees $10 off purchases over $100 at the Blowout booth on Friday if they have Loupe downloaded. Show us the app on your phone and get yourself a discount on some wax.

Otherwise, we’re just doing laps around the showfloor and checking out some of the biggest names here. There are some truly impressive booths. We’re gonna get started scoping out the situation and figuring out what purchases we want to make. You already know I’m looking for hockey cards.

Okay, that’s it for now. Now that the hard work is done — and, to be clear, I basically stood around while the other guys set up our table — we’re just waiting for the proverbial hurricane to hit. It’s going to be a very fun week, and it’s going to be a very tiring week. There’s a Starbucks just around the corner, and we might need them to just pour the venti lattes straight into our IV drip.

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