New Loupe Seller: Courtside Pulls

We’re adding another trusted seller to our roster of fantastic streamers. Everyone, please welcome Courtside Pulls to the Loupe family!

Jared is the face behind Courtside Pulls, and you’ll get plenty used to seeing his gloved-up hands on Loupe. Here’s the man behind the camera, taking in a game at Target Field:

Despite attending baseball games in Minneapolis, Courtside Pulls is based out of Kansas City. Courtside specializes in football and basketball cards.

We caught up with Jared, who (like most of us) is a lifelong sports fan. He explains his passion for the hobby by saying “Sports cards have given me the opportunity to indulge more into sports and meet people from all around the world. I enjoy learning about why people collect and who they collect.” He prides himself in hosting a fun and welcoming room for people to hang out in.

We’re confident that Courtside Pulls will be a solid addition to the Loupe community. Show them some love in the comments down below. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter. And, last but not least, make sure to check out their debut stream which takes place tonight, Monday July 26 at 9:30pm Eastern!

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