When’s the best time of the year to buy singles?

In this week’s episode of the Loupe Market Report powered by SlabStox, we touch on the optimal time to purchase the singles you’ve been eyeing. If you’re not attending card shows, you might want to buy when other collectors are on the road. The prevailing logic is that a good chunk of their expendable income is tied up in travel costs. It might mean that there are fewer buyers online as they all gear up for the next big trade show. Just something to keep in mind.

As we turn our attention to individual sports, we call out the fact that Damian Lillard is underappreciated. His cards are low right now, and that’s the perfect dip to buy — especially if Dame is traded in the offseason. In football, Lamar Jackson’s prices are all over the place. Look for him to have a bounceback season as Baltimore’s offensive line solidifies.

We’re talking about Jasson Dominguez in our baseball segment. He’s one of baseball’s hottest prospects, but he’s also an unknown quantity considering he just made his professional debut in the Florida Coast League. For the prices his cards are going, there are a lot of safer options that will cost you less. In soccer, we’re looking at Kylian Mbappe is dipping a bit after missing the penalty kick that caused France to be eliminated in the European Championship. Mbappe is too good to be defined by a moment like this, and his prices will definitely rebound.

Thanks for watching this week’s episode. Have a great Fourth of July weekend, and we’ll be back with more hobby marketplace analysis next week!

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