Catch our hottest deals ever in Loupe’s Summer Sale

Summer’s here, and the temperature ain’t the only thing that’s getting hotter. Over the course of the next week, Loupe’s running its biggest promotion ever. Fire up the A/C and make yourself an ice-cold glass of lemonade. These deals are so hot that you’ll need to make sure you keep cool.

Starting today, all wax on Loupe will be 20 percent off. The Loupe Summer Sale promotion runs through Wednesday, June 30. All sealed product, whether it be packs or boxes, applies. There’s no maximum price either. Been thinking about treating yourself to a box of National Treasures or Flawless? There’s literally no better time.

How does it work?

Everything’s super easy on your end. The prices you see in the sales tab already reflect the 20 percent discount. You don’t need a coupon code, and you don’t need to ask the seller if the discount has been applied. Every sealed pack or box has already been marked down to its lowest price ever.

Which sellers have the sales?

Again, we made sure you didn’t have to overthink anything. Every seller on Loupe has their wax marked down by 20 percent. Every single seller, every single stream. If they’re on Loupe, they’ve got the discount. Where else are you gonna find a whole roster of awesome breakers, all with big discounts on cards?

Are there any exclusions?

A few, but it’s nothing crazy. The Loupe Summer Sale only applies to sealed product. So, repacks, auctions, Loupe Boxes, and single card sales aren’t subject to the 20 percent discount. Those are priced just as they normally are. (However, our sellers have the best repacks in the game. You’re already getting a good deal on those.)

Anything else I should know?

There are a few edge cases that all qualify for the Loupe Summer Sale. For instance, it’s not just personal sales. Group breaks / hit drafts are all automatically marked down by 20 percent. Also, this doesn’t just apply to sports cards. Pokemon, Star Wars, etc. — it all falls under the Loupe Summer Sale banner.

Is it time to rip?

Yes, it’s time to rip. If you’re new to Loupe, check out our FAQ so that you get a feel for how the app works, how you buy cards, and how they’re shipped to your house. Also, make sure your shipping information is current!

Now we’re gonna spend the next seven days taking advantage of the Loupe Summer Sale. Stockpiling cards and building out our PCs. It’s the best bang for your buck in the hobby.

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