Loupe Market Report — How to use pop reports to your advantage

In this week’s Loupe Market Report, it’s a tale of two Lukas. We use SlabStox Pro as a case study for population reports and why they’re important to understand before investing in a card. For instance, Luka’s rookie Prizm base has been graded over 30,000 times. Conversely, his rookie Optic Choice card has been graded only 154 times. After a heroic playoff performance, the prices of Choice spiked while the Prizm continued to tumble. It’s all about supply.

We stay on Luka when talking about basketball. Given that he’s capable of putting up huge numbers on any given night, Dallas is going to give him a better supporting cast, and he’s one of the most marketable stars in the NBA, it only makes sense to buy the dip. In baseball, we cover Juan Soto again because he’s absolutely on fire. Don’t be surprised if his prices go through the roof very shortly. In football, Derrick Henry has seen a nice bump as the Titans offense picked up Julio Jones. In soccer, Ansu Fati’s cards took a huge hit as he goes under the knife for yet another knee surgery.

Thanks for watching the Loupe Market Report Powered by SlabStox! As always, we’re live again Thursday night at 6pm Eastern to share some collecting advice and answer your questions in chat. Make sure to swing by and let us know which cards you have your eye on.

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