Here’s the latest big news from around the hobby

It’s been a little while since we last played news anchor. Between writing about up-and-comers, sharing huge hits, and generally talking about cards, we haven’t had much of a chance to focus on the hobby itself.

So, it’s time we changed that. Let’s run a quick recap of what has been in the news lately.

PSA is finally caught up

After months and months of backlogged orders, suspended submissions, and price hikes, PSA has finally caught up. PSA executive chairman Nat Turner recently tweeted that the grading company has finished processing that influx of cards that partially shut down the SoCal mail system.

Now we begin the march back to normal. What does that look like? Do prices and value tiers shift back down? Do memberships open back up? The card market isn’t any less hot than it was 12 months ago. PSA will have to find a new balance between meeting demand and operating efficiently. That’s why there’s a whole new leadership team.

A deceased doctor left his family with $20m worth of cards

A doctor in Florida recently passed away. His family inherited one of the most historically important card collections in the world.

Dr. Thomas Newman had a collection that included a PSA 9 1933 Babe Ruth card, a 1952 Mickey Mantle card, and so many more incredible vintage cards. The whole lot is expected to fetch more than $20m when it goes up for auction on June 21. Heck, the PSA 9 Babe Ruth is expected to break the $5.2m record currently held by a PSA 9 Mickey Mantle that sold in January.

The new Panini Prizm product is… Funko Pops?

There’s a weird mashup coming from Panini. The newest introduction to the Prizm line comes from collectible figurine company Funko.

According to Beckett, the collaboration mixes a little from both companies’ iconic aesthetics. They’ll come in a clear case with a Prizm-design card on the back. Toward the forefront will be a Funko statue. The first run of Funko Prizms will include six NBA players and six NFL players. It’s unexpected, but it makes sense when you consider that both sides are behemoths in the collectibles space.

June’s release schedule is absolutely electric

We hope you’re ready to buy some cards in June. As we turn the calendar, we find some absolute monsters waiting to release in June.

Here’s some stuff we have our eyes on: Topps Finest Baseball (June 2), Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer (June 9), Donruss Optic Basketball (June 9), Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football (June 11), Topps Stadium Club (June 23), and Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey (June 23). There’s a ton more, so keep your push notifications on so we can tell you when Loupe’s sellers have the hottest new product!

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